How Much Does a Malayalee Christian Wedding Cost in America?

Weddings in the Malayalee/Keralite Christian community can be expensive. But that’s expected when the average guest list is 400 people.

How much should you expect to spend for your big day?

We got real wedding costs from 35 brides and grooms from the Orthodox, Catholic, CSI, Pentecostal, Mar Thoma, Syro-Malabar, Knanaya, and Brethren churches in the U.S.

In this report, we’ve broken down the ranges and averages for various costs of the ceremony and reception of Malayalee Christian weddings.

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đź’Ś The Guest List


The average number of guests for Malayalee Christian weddings in America is 400, ranging from 100-750 guests.

Bridal Party

The average bridal party was 14 people (including groomsmen and bridesmaids), ranging from 4-22 combined people.


The combined costs for invitations and save-the-dates ranged from $1,600-2,100.

đź’„ Getting Ready

Hair and Makeup

The average cost of hair and makeup was $1,395, ranging from $125-4,000.

Wedding Dress

The average wedding dress was $1,910 and dresses ranged between $400-5,000.


The average manthrakodi was $833, ranging between $250-2,390.


The average cost of jewelry ranged between $100-23,300.

Groom’s Tux

The average suit/tuxedo for the groom was $554, ranging between $150-2,500.

Bridesmaid Sarees

The average saree per bridesmaid was $126.

Groomsman Suits

The average suit per groosman was $184.


The average cost for saree draping services ranged between $100-1,000.


The average cost for stitching services ranged between $25-800.

⛪️ Ceremony Costs


The cost of the church venue was $1,200 on average, ranging from $300-3,000.

Chief Celebrant

The chief celebrant was paid $595 on average, ranging from $200-1,000.

The total cost of other clergy varied between $150-2,000.


The choir cost $820 on average, ranging from $200-2,000.

Service Books

Service books were sometimes provided by the Church. Those who provided their own books paid between $50-1,000.

🎉 Reception Costs

Reception Venue

The average cost of a reception venue, including food/drinks/alcohol, was $38,900.

When dividing the average venue cost by the number of guests, the cost per plate came out to $115 on average.

On average, for weddings that included it, alcohol was 17% of the total cost for venue, food, and drinks.

Receptions that occurred during the day (with a starting time between 11AM-4PM) were $11,000 less on average than evening weddings (with a starting time between 5PM-9PM).


The average combined cost for DJs, MCs, and Entertainment was $3,007, ranging from $600-6,000.

Adding a chanda or dhol to the celebration can add up to $3,000.


While some reception venues include a complimentary cake, the average price for a wedding cake is $667, ranging from $100-2,400.


Limos and busses were $1,535 on average, ranging from $200-3,000.

đź“· Miscellaneous Costs


The average cost of a photographer was $4,302. For some couples this included the cost of the album and shooting the engagement.


The average cost of a videographer was $3,072.

Florist + Decorator

The combined cost for a florist and decorator was $6,382 on average, ranging from $2,000-16,000.

Wedding Coordinator

One couple shared that they paid $1,500 for a wedding coordinator.

Mylanchi/Henna Party

One couple shared that their mylanchi cost $1,000.

Rehearsal Dinner

Two couples shared their rehearsal dinners cost $3,000-5,000.

Other Costs to Be Conscious Of

We’ve covered many common costs but there are many that we haven’t included like wedding favors, the minnu, a wedding lunch, place cards, tips, and more. Hopefully, these numbers can provide a good mental baseline for how much you can expect to pay for your wedding.


Assuming all the average costs, including the number of guests, we can approximate that the average Malayalee Christian wedding costs $76,145.

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